Chillr Privacy Policy v1.0

Sharing your information

Chillr does not share your data with any 3rd party companies for any commercial purposes. We hate ads just like you do and will never sell your data to them so they can spam you. We do use 3rd party tools for analytics but such data is safeguarded by the agreements between Backwater Technologies (P) Ltd and the respective solution provider. Any trend or pattern shared with your bank is always with the intention of enhancing the services bouquet.

Storing your information

Chillr only stores the data it needs to function the way you want it to.

Profile Information

Chillr is a multi-bank payment service. We store all the transaction related information including amounts, remarks, location tags, pictures so that you can access your data even after changing your device.


The MPIN that you use on Chillr is the one provided by your bank to authenticate transactions through mobile. We do not read/store your MPIN on our servers. While you type the MPIN it is encrypted using the public key provided to us by your trusted bank. This means that it can be decrypted only using the private key of the bank which of course is in their safe custody. Since the encryption is done on the device, the MPIN is already encrypted and unreadable to us when it reaches our servers. The logic is similar to that of a push button lock where you lock by just pressing the button, which we do, but then to unlock you’ll need the keys to it, which only the bank has.


The MMID is a 7-digit number issued by the bank to all customers who have enabled Mobile Banking. MMID is not necessarily unique and is always used as a pair along with the registered mobile number. We store MMID of our registered users on the cloud to ensure transactions happen to the correct beneficiary account and thus takes away the hassle of entering account information from the sender side completely.


Chillr uses mobile numbers to identify each user. We store your contacts (only the mobile numbers) in the cloud in order to notify you as soon as one of your contacts registers on Chillr. We only need the mobile number for this to work and store no other data about your contacts. To display names on notifications Chillr picks up the names stored on the device.


We store your email ID so that in future we can mail you a backup of your Chillr data upon receiving a request from you. This may also be used to send you transaction alerts and other important notifications from us. Though email is an optional field we recommend you to keep the same updated and verfied at all points. Verified email ID greatly enhances safety by letting us notify you in case we see any suspicious transaction.